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What Supporters are Saying...

There is no reason for the absence of a light at this intersection - except wonton neglect. For shame, DOT - get it done! - Jacquelynn Weiss 

I live near this intersection and believe a traffic light is necessary - Margo Mcgilvrey 

All too many times towns overlook those dangerous intersections where time after time, there are accidents yet nothing is ever done. So senseless and maddening. Especially for the taxes we pay in NYS. Hopefully, this will be the last life lost at this intersection. - Margaret Niekrewicz 

It is senseless that something as simple as a traffic light that could have saved this young man's life, has been ignored for such a long time. - Lisa Corrao 

Jeff was a co-worker friend who was an always kind, helpful, beautiful person. Now knowing that his death could have been avoided by a simple solution to a known problem makes the pain of his death happen again. - Laurel Morgan

We moved to Saugerties and the members of our household have almost been hit in this dangerous, busy (by Saugerties standards) intersection, multiple times. We are not surprised to learn about the needless death of a young man in this blind intersection, only disheartened about the important, logical and life-saving traffic change coming at such a dear cost. My condolences and prayers go out to his loved ones. - Anita Pfisterer 

I have lived here my whole life and these incidents have gone on long enough. Not one more life should be lost. - Suzanna Esaine 

A good, compassionate man tragically lost his life - Melissa Signor

Traffic lights and traffic safety measures are the responsibility of those who spend our local tax dollars. One man died and a SCHOOL BUS was involved in the accident. How can this community put its children into harms way by driving them through this intersection. The leadership need to respond and put in a traffic light. This is just common sense. It is hard to believe we need a petitition to get something like this to happen. My condolences to those who lost a beloved.... - Lisa Damian

The intersection is unsafe and needs a traffic light - Allison Coyle

I delivered pizza in the town of Saugerties for 3+ years. I cannot COUNT the amount of times I've almost witnessed or almost been involved in an accident at this intersection. As a life long resident of Saugerties, who's now raising my children here, we need to make these roads safer! This intersection and the one in Glasco are TOP priority! Both are on school bus routes! - Latatia Hall

It’s dangerous pulling out onto 9w. You take a huge risk not being able to see what’s coming. I’ve pulled out and almost got hit from a car traveling southbound. - Sandy Murphy

I almost died there a few years ago when someone pulled out in front of me. I was traveling at the speed limit and luckily they heard the sound of my tires squealing when I hit the brakes and they stopped so I was able to swerve around them. I had to drive into the oncoming lane also. I’m just lucky there wasn’t a car coming. I also used to live on Malden and it is very scary to pull out of there. - Lacey Flierl

It’s a danger to everyone who uses that road - Jill Finget

A light at this intersection is long overdue. Why do people have to die before something as simple as a traffic light could save lives. - Janice Barcone

It is a dreadful intersection - Wes Finger

This has long been a dangerous intersection - Todd Bernier

This has always been the site of many deadly crashes, if not deadly, life altering. It needs to change. - Pat H. 

A good man lost his life and that did not have to happen! It was preventable. It does not need to happen again. - Lauren Daniels

Someone special died from not having the traffic light - Jan Hurtado

I grew up in Saugerties and know just the intersection. A life has been lost because of something that should have been taken care of years ago. - Mary Pakusch

This is such a dangerous intersection. My husband almost hit a car with a dump truck doing the same thing. Luckily, he was able to avoid the car. My heart breaks for this young man’s family. If there was a light at this intersection, the young man would still be here today. - Steve Nadal

A beautiful innocent man lost his life and this all could have been prevented if there was a stop light there. - Brenda Abbott

Senseless deaths and injuries have happened at this intersection, a traffic light could have and probably would have made them avoidable. - L.R. VanKeuren 

This is a very dangerous intersection,with many trucks busses and cars traveling through here daily. We need a red light with No turn on Red!!! - June Churchill

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